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Their eyes were watching god
Updated: 3/26/2020
Their eyes were watching god
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  • Janie
  • Wanted
  • But
  • Janie is the main character of the story that plays as an attractive women who wants love and to be loved. At the beginning of the story this was a woman and she had come back from burying the dead. Janie in the story is described as a strong independent woman who seeks love and autonomy.
  • So
  • Janie wanted to feel loved so she searched for spiritual enlightenment and a strong sense of her own identity. Throughout her first two marriages she keeps expecting to find happiness however, she finds herself restless and unsatisfied. Janie's view of love was from the pear tree where it had the perfect surroundings of what she thought was love.
  • Then
  • Nanny started to get worried about my well being after seeing me kiss Johnny Taylor. She then wanted me to marry a middle aged man named Logan Killicks Janie had much love for Logan but deeper into Janie and Logan's relationship Janie was growing into a woman that was losing belief in love and marriage that nanny had imposed on her.
  • Theme
  • Janie met this handsome young man Joe(Jody)Starks and ran off to Eatonville, Florida. She couldn't find happiness when Jody became a prominent figure in the city due to Janie being the Mayors wife. Janie started losing connection with the town people. Jody would even do things to bring me down and make himself feel better.
  • After moving on from Jody was when I actually fell in love with the right man Tea Cake. The love me and Tea Cake had was two sided we have the same amount of love for each other. Tea Cake showed Janie the love and affection she was missing with Logan and Joe. He showed Janie what love was to where Janie was comfortable to express her feelings towards him.
  • After Janie marriage with Joe she learned that equality is important within a marriage. After Janie marrying Tea Cake she actually found out what true love could be found at the right time. She also learned that through her 3 marriages she had bad experiences with love there was a thing as true love.
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