The Scarlet Ibis
Updated: 11/3/2020
The Scarlet Ibis

Storyboard Text

  • Yo be careful because your baby built different but not in a good way.
  • Oh no ok.
  • Why?
  • Oh ok.
  • Bro stop building that sick looking casket.
  • Because he is going to live.
  • I am going to change you
  • Because you disgust me as you are.
  • Oh ok cool.
  • Why?
  • Wow very cool.
  • Mother, I am now built different but in a good way.
  • I am the aunt. I am also in the story.
  • Yo guys look my mans crip walking.
  • Good day brother, see you soon.
  • Brother, don´t let me perish I´m begging you.
  • No.
  • Oh no my homeboy is dead. You good man?
  • Ok.
  • No.