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Updated: 4/1/2021
BP storyboard

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  • That was the effects. Now let's talk about the causes of BP: - . A diet high in salt and fat causes BP.. Genetic condition.Lack of physical activity..Older age. Being Overweight.Stress. Race of the person
  • HEY FRIENDS. Have you heard about Blood pressure?
  • If not, then today we will be discussing about BP.
  • BP is a silent killer. It is a common condition where the force of blood in our artery walls are high enough to cause health problems like heart attack and stroke.
  • Now let's talk about the symptoms of BP: -.Severe Headaches.Nosebleed.Fatigue .Vision problems. Chest pain. Blood in urine.Irregular heartbeat
  • We will leave for now and hope you enjoyed and learned something new 😘.