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Hero's Journey's
Updated: 9/16/2020
Hero's Journey's
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  • Stages 1&2
  • Mom!!! Look!!
  • Stages 3&4
  • Good thing you brought her in now! Are you her mother?
  • Stages 5&6
  • Amy is a normal teen who lives in a rural city in NC. She lives with her mother which they spend most of their day just walking around. She sees one day while out in the city, that there is a kid left alone on the side of the road, and goes up to the kid and tries to help. Amy's mother immediately rushes the kid to the hospital.
  • Stages 7&8
  • Do you wish to adopt Jane?
  • After taking the kid to the hospital she saw that she was injured very badly. The doctor said she was a Jane Doe and will go into foster care if not taken into a home. Amy then decided not to take her in, but after a very long talk with her mother, she decided that it would actually be a good idea to have another kid around. The only reason why she even thought about taking the kid to her home was that she looks up to her mother dearly.
  • Stages 9&10
  • Amy  is crossing her first threshold when she brought the Jane Doe home and gives her a place to stay well she tries to figure out who she is and what happened to her family. James soon starts to talk and Amy realizes yeah she's only a few years younger than her. Amy and Jane soon then become really good friends and start to bond. While building her bond with Jane, Amy never thought about how her other family members and friends might not agree with what Amy and her mother did and cause them to stop associating with one another.
  • Stages 11&12
  • Welcome to the family!!!!
  • Amy must now give her mother her final decision if she wants Jane to stay with them and start the adoption process. Amy isn't too candid of this idea just for the fact that if she goes through with the process she's going to have to let go of her family. Amy realizes that if she needs to do this to give Jane s family she never had.
  • yes i do!!
  • After going through with the adoption Amy soon realized that when she goes back home to her small town, everyone will hear about this and will have to explain. Amy always thought it'll be nice to have someone else in the house other than her mom and she got her wishes to come to life. When arriving at her home she soon faces everyone's questions and handles all the critiques and looks. She soon becomes less and less worried about how others might see this situation and tries to make Jane feel more at home than how she does already.
  • my girls <3 Welcome Home!!!!!
  • Now with Amy and Jane both living together, Amy feels as if she has to relearn certain things to keep everything running smoothly. Amy soon realizes that her family will come around and will have Jane as a part of the family. Amy and her mother, soon come around and gets used to having another person around. Jane has always told them that they are her hero because they helped her out and gave her a home when she didn't have one and hen no one wanted to give her one. Once they all pushed through all the different disagreements and looks they lived very happy and no one could tell that Jane was ever adopted.
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