The Cay

Updated: 5/20/2020
The Cay

Storyboard Text

  • War was about to begin. Everyone must stay inside.
  • It is for your own good. You are leaving.
  • We must stay inside. okay. No one leaves.
  • I think we should leaves and go to California. We are leaving tomorrow.
  • NO!! I don't want to leave. I have everyone here, mom and dad and my friends.
  • The next day. The left and went on a boat but then something hit Philip and he never woke up until the next day.
  • The third day. Philip woke up but he wan't with his mom. He was with a black guy and a cat and in the middle if the sea. Days and days past on and everything was fine. Until... Philip couldn't see he was blind. He stare at the sun.
  • More and more days past. Everyday they learn about each other. The black guy name is Timothy and the cat's name is Stew cat. Timothy told Philip because there were sharks. Hours past on and Timothy saw a island. They both got happy but Philip fell into the water, but Timothy pulled him up. Timothy started saying things but he forgot that Philip was blind.
  • Timothy and Philip found a place to stay. He built and built for days. He taught Philip how to move around.
  • Months and days past on. It was light raining when they woke up. Timothy tie up the things. A hurricane was coming. They went to the top of the island. The water reach them. The next day Philip found Timothy died. Every thing was ruin. So Philip got to work. He heard a helicopter so he made a sign. He heard the helicopter closer and closer and it landed on the sand. And they took him in.