mitosis 7-12

Updated: 2/4/2019
mitosis 7-12

Storyboard Text

  • Scientist: Look! The cell is starting mitosis. The cell is separating its DNA into 2 parts. This is known as prophase and metaphase.
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  • Fine! But I get the house!
  • Scientist:  The cell is going through the 3rd and 4th phases of mitosis. These are anaphase, in which the chromosomes move to opposite poles of the spindle and telophase, in which 2 new nuclei are formed at the opposite poles.
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  • Scientist: Right now cytokinesis is occurring where the cleavage furrow physically splits the cell into 2 new daughter cells.
  • Scientist: One of the daughter cells goes into G-0 phase which means that the cell is not actively preparing to divide.
  • I'm so glad we are starting a new cell life together.
  • Scientist: The other daughter cell is continuing the cell cycle back at the beginning of G-1 phase.
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  • And thats how cell division works!
  • Wait a minute! I thought we were learning mitosis?