Updated: 9/9/2021

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  • Paleolithic and NeolithicKiera O'Connell
  • Bones from last meal.
  • Cave Art
  • gdkfuogafyu I am from Paleolithic era. I am a hunter gatherer. Hunter gatherers hunt animals and gather herbs, fruits, and wild plants.
  • hueirhywdhj I am also from Paleolithic era. I am also a hunter gatherer. We did not have a stable food supply. Wild plants and animals were scarce.
  • Spears used to hunt animals for food.
  • Fire used for food and protection
  • I am from Neolithic times. Some jobs we did were being farmers, weavers, basket makers, toolmakers, and traders, and stone workers.
  • Used mud bricks packed together to make these houses.
  • Longer and better spears.
  • I am also from Neolithic era. I am a trader. Some things people trade for obsidian, flint, hematite, and shell ornaments.
  • Ladders were used to get in these holes high up into the houses and enter the home.
  • They can farm this wheat.