Lab Safety Rules Pt.2

Updated: 9/16/2021
Lab Safety Rules Pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • Keep A Tidy Workspace AND No Distractions
  • No! My Homework!
  • Wash You Hands Before And After Activities
  • end of class; after washing hands at the beginning
  • Hey, You should Was Your hands You know.
  • Oh yeah I almost forgot haha.
  • Ugh! This is so dumb, I mean what the worst that could happen if some chemical residue is left on my hands?
  • WARNINGPlease Note that we do not advise you to try this at home or school. please be safe when conduct experiments.Thank You
  • Keep A clean working space so don't mess up your work or confuse your notes.
  • No Horseplay Pt.1
  • Hey! You Shouldn't do that, we're not allowed to roughhouse in the lab!
  • The worst that could happen is you eat something that has chemical residue on it, which is dangerous. This is why we don't eat food in the lab.
  • No Horseplay Pt.2
  • Hey, Come on guys we can work this out right?
  • Hey! What's your problem!?
  • Please DON"T Try this at School
  • No Horseplay Pt.3
  • Take that!
  • Oh no! The test tubes and beaker!
  • As you can see a student provoked anther and the girl in the back tried to stop them.
  • here the situation escalates and again the red head tries to diffuse it.
  • Oops, sorry hehe
  • Here the girl who started the problem got hit and as she hit the ground she bumped the table and the chemicals in the beaker and test tubes fell and spilled everywhere. this is why we don't roughhouse in the lab.
  • Ow, I think I need a nurse