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Updated: 2/22/2019
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  • John Quincy Adams
  • I WON!!
  • Background Information: J. Q. Adams got the second most electoral and popular votes. He was Secretary of State before running for president, and after being voted in, he never had much popularity as many people thought he cheated his way into presidency.
  • Andrew Jackson
  • I was cheated!
  • Background Information: Andrew Jackson was a war hero who enabled us to claim Florida in 1819. He had no political background but he had the most electoral and popular votes but not the majority, so the decision went to the House. He became president in 1828.
  • Henry Clay
  • Who should I vote for?
  • Background Information: Henry Clay finished fourth in the original election, and according to the 12th amendment, that eliminated him from the election. He gave his support to J. Q. Adams, and after Adams became president, Clay was promoted from Speaker of the House to Secretary of State.
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