Miranda v Arizona
Updated: 11/23/2020
Miranda v Arizona

Storyboard Text

  • Ernesto Miranda, you are under arrest for the kidnap and the rape of Patricia.
  • Yes, I admit I am guilty.I kidnapped and raped Patricia!
  • Excuse me, did you just admit that you are guilty of your own crimes?
  • Do you not know your rights?
  • Uhhhh...
  • Officers! Where is Mr. Miranda’s lawyer?
  • Uhhhhhh....... he didn’t ask for one...?
  • Well you should’ve informed him of his constitutional rights.
  • Especially the right protected in the Fifth Amendment!
  • Either way, Miranda is found guilty of this heinous crime.
  • However since he has not requested for an attorney, it is not a violation of his Sixth Amendment right.
  • It is the duty of federal officers to protect the rights of individuals.
  • Uhhhhhh.... he didn’t ask for one...?