The Tale of Bluebeard Part 2

Updated: 5/20/2020
The Tale of Bluebeard Part 2

Storyboard Description

English Project

Storyboard Text

  • Unfortunately for the wife, Bluebeard found out aboout her discovery, and was enraged.
  • No, please!
  • You must die, madam
  • Sadly, her curioisity seemed to be her demise.
  • Fine. I give you 15 minutes.
  • Give me some time to say my prayers!
  • Before he killed her, she begged to have some time to say her "prayers".
  •  If you see my brothers, give them a sign to make haste.
  • However, instead of praying, she instead calls her sister to devise a plan to kill Bluebeard.
  • So, right as he was about to kill her, her brothers stormed in and killed him instead.
  • And so, the wife inherited all of Bluebeards wealth and lived happily ever after.