smitha's field

Updated: 8/19/2021
smitha's field

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  • as soon as she reached her grandfather's hone she went running to her grandfather
  • Today onwards your summer vacation is going to start .Happy vacation children
  • Every students where planning to do something intresting during the holidays but Smitha had nothing to do.
  • Hello my little girl! I have'nt seen you for soo long
  • Mee to have not seen you grandpa ! I came to learn how to make my own field
  • WOW! Whom does these fields belong to its soo beautiful. I wish i had one. so she planned to make field in her home
  • WOW!! this field is soo beautiful
  • come let me teach u the steps
  • then threshing and harvesting
  • then u need to add manures and fertilizers
  • second of all you need to sow the seeds
  • so grandfather told all the steps of growing a field
  • For that first u need to do the preparation of soil.
  • on this day she went home and asked her mother
  • please teach me how to make a field of my own
  • we will be going to your grandfather's home u can ask him he will tell u great ideas
  • yes my little girl and one little thing don't forget to do this everyday
  • OK grandpa now that i got all these steps. I can make my own field!!
  • Thank you! we will be leaving tommarow
  • i have taught her how to make her own field just make sure she water the fields everyday
  • preparation of soil is done now sowing the seeds.
  • so she went home and within a week she completed the preparation of soil
  • within a month the field grew up and turned into a big field.
  • and then finally weeding
  • from that day onwards she always loved doing farming and did great in that