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Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • After King Saul disobeyed gods commandment,he lost almost all respect from his people.The judge in charge of picking a king,Samuel,was told to choose a new leader.He then proceed to choose David.
  • Even before David was chosen,he was praised for his bravery.An example of this is when David fought Goliath and with a sling shot and lots of faith in god,WON.David was a very praised king,people even made songs about him!He was so loved and famous that even someone wanted to kill him
  • At one point,King Saul was filled with jealousy that even he attempted to kill David!!!Well not exactly,King Saul told his son and all the attendants to kill David.There was a slight problem though,king Saul's son admired David.So,a day before the attempt would happen Saul's son told him told David to hide.
  • After King Saul died in a brutal war,it was time for David to be named the new king.David won many battle in his time and even before he was named king!
  • Even before being king, David already had his family.He had a son named Solomon and a wife who's name was Bathsheba.King David was in his 20 when he had Solomon.
  • Solomon was named king when he was 20 when he was named king.He rein for 40 years.King Solomon's best accomplishment was when he built the first temple in Jerusalem.
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