my story

Updated: 3/7/2019
my story

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  • hello, where do i sit. hello, where do i sit.
  • welcome cecilia, please have a seat. anywhere you like.
  • a new kid :D
  • the bell needs to hurry
  • cant wait to get home...
  • I moved Schools and i was really nervous. i didnt really know what to do. everybody kept stareing at me.
  • You dont belong here.
  • i never really ate at lunch so i would just sit there and wait for the bell to ring.
  • I hate this school.
  • Do you have any friends in your class?
  • everyday after school i would take a school bus that would take me around the corner from my house.
  • Just a few, i don't really talk to anyone though.
  • I got bullied a lot and teased, for a month or two.
  • At school i didn't have friends, i never really had places to go either so i would sit in the library.
  • I was always quiet, never talked to anyone but my brother.