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Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Doggo Example of The cell cycle and mitosis! Featuring my dog (silver lab) and her best friend(I couldn't find a Burnese Mountain dog so.....) -Capri 1/13/21
  • Hello. I am Mr. Tree. For this comic the red bone represents the cell. Pretend that there is a treat inside of the rubber bone that represents the nucleus/DNA
  • This is the first stage, Interphase. Everything is normal in the cell, like here in the yard.
  • The girl puts the treat in the toy. This represents Prophase, where the chromatin becomes visible
  • This box represents the Metaphase. The dogs are both using the same amount of force to tug on the toy to keep the treat in the middle.
  • This is where the treat breaks in half but the toy is still together. This represents the Anaphase. When the chromatids move to opposite sides.
  • This is where the dog slobber becomes visible. This box represents telophase, where the nuclei form and become visible.