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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The birth of the Awakened One
  • Hello Mommy
  • how can he already talk to me?
  • The Prince's new family
  • I do
  • The prince discovers suffering
  • He looks sick, he will probably die soon
  • Die?
  • what is wrong with this man?
  • On 563 B.C.E. April the 5th on a Friday, the soon to be Awakened one was born, right off the start his parents King Suddhodana and Queen Maya knew he was very intelligent because he could walk and talk within a span of just a couple days after birth! His dad was very protective of him and wanted him to be safe so he kept "suffering" such as killing and death away from young Siddhartha .
  • The prince becomes an Ascetic
  • Join us...
  • 16 years later the young prince even got married to a women and even had a son with her and 13 years later the couple lived a very happy life together with their newly born son and after all this time the prince hadn't even discovered suffering.
  • The Prince is now Buddah
  • Go away!
  • Omm Omm
  • One day the prince went on a journey and saw a sick man, prince Siddhartha asked the person driving the carriage what happened to the man, the person responded "he looks sick, he might die soon". After the carriage person told him about death and suffering the prince decided to set on a journey to find enlightment, the prince kept looking until he found Ascetics
  • The Prince shares his knowledge
  • Prince Siddhartha wanted to become an Ascetic after seeing what they do, so he wanted to be like them, but after fasting and meditating for four days, he didn't want to do this anymore, he was constantly thinking of just food, and just thought it wasn't the right thing for him
  • Can I do this too?
  • After not wanting to become an Ascetic Prince Siddhartha wanted to find another way, he thought enlightment was not found through fasting and not enjoying it so he wanted to balance a way to do both and have a balance between the extreme and pleasure of pain, he called this "the middle way" eventually after telling the idea to the other Ascetics they left him, he had a feeling this way would work, on his 35th birthday he showered in a river and meditated all night under the "Enlightment tree", Although it was really though because all night a god named Mara was attempting to frighten him, he resisted and eventually the next morning, he became had reached enlightment
  • Now that prince Siddhartha had reached enlightment he could have just kept the secrets he earned in secret, but instead he shared them with the world, he wanted everyone to know, the main thing he discovered was the four noble truths, he continued to share his knowledge and everyone was proud of him including the Ascetics that had once abandoned him,. This, was the story of prince Siddhartha, the Awakened One.