Chemistry pt 2
Updated: 12/19/2020
Chemistry pt 2

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  • Incandescence light: a light produced when a substance is heated so much it begins to glow
  • Thank you for coming to see fireworks with me! I want to explain how they work. See all the colors? They're formed in one of two ways: luminescence or incandescence. The lights in fireworks are produced by our electrons!! The electrons absorb all the heat from the firework and the heat makes them move from their lowest possible energy aka ground energy level to being super excited (their high energy level) then practically immediately they jump down to their low energy level. During that switch is when they emit light!
  • The heat in a firework comes from when it explodes in the air. On the inside of a firework there's an aerial shell which is just a small tube containing the explosive chemicals. Inside the aerial shell there's gunpowder and stars. Stars give fireworks their color when they explode (with the electrons doing the inside work). Each star has an oxidizing agent, a fuel, a metal-containing colorant, and a binder. When the firework is lit, the oxidizing agent and fuel have a chemical reaction that results in a huge emission of intense heat and gas. This results in the metal-containing colorant producing color and the binder holding everything else together.
  • So when it comes to representing the electrons in a firework my model, the QMM is better at representing where the electrons are. That's because your model shows them on set paths but electrons are more of in particular areas aka orbitals.
  • The colors are specific to the metals in the fireworks, so the color the electrons will emit can vary. That orange one was made with calcium salts and calcium chloride. The yellow one was made from sodium salts and sodium chloride
  • That makes sense. But you how are there so many colors?
  • Sounds so cool!
  • Reminds me of the candle lab I did. When he was applied to the trick candle the reaction was a flame and when heat is applied to a firework there is an explosion. For the trick candle its the magnesium and for the firework its gunpower that triggers it
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