Unthinkable Choice Board
Updated: 12/7/2020
Unthinkable Choice Board

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  • Omar Phillips is Bridgewater Highs favorite teen author. His fans are patiently waiting for his next horror story, but what they don’t know Is Omars imagination has completely turned against him. Leaving Omar with horrifying visions of death and other terrible things. And the only way to stop those visions from happening is to write them down, until they actually start to happen.
  • This is Sophie Minax, she is a very goth person. She has Already been through what Omar is experiencing. At one part of the book Sophie finds Omar after he completely smashed his computer and tells him he CANNOT die. She also tells him that she will help him. But the only way to stop the visions costs a sacrifice. A sacrifice of killing ONE person.
  • In the last part of the book. Rebecca tells Omar the only way to save Jon was to tell Sophie he would carry out his vision and then wait for her to fall asleep. Next they would kill Sophie by shoving her into a pit and then shoveling her with dirt. This would then get rid of his visions. Forever.
  • Just a reminder, Omar’s visions always come true. The first vision he had was of the Ferry, a funnel-shaped cloud formed over the Ferry. Causing a huge explosion to happen.
  • This is Rebecca. This part of the book is when Omar first meets Rebecca. In this part of the book, Rebecca holds Omar facedown until his vision passes. Then unleashes very interesting plans. Those plans were going to be a HUGE twist to the book.
  • Omars first vision was of the Ferry. There was a funnel-shaped cloud that formed over the Ferry creating a huge explosion.
  • Omar’s first vision was of the Ferry. A funnel-shaped cloud formed over the Ferry creating a huge explosion
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