Updated: 2/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • plymouth colony
  • we are the pilgrims(separatist)
  • we wanted religious freedom
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • and im king james and we found massachusetts bay for religious freedom
  • im john winthrop
  • im Roger Williams
  • Rhode Island
  • im Anne Hutchison
  • the pilgrims(separatist) were on the route for Massachusetts Bay but a storm blew the mayflower up north to Plymouth
  • Connecticut
  • this soil seems moist it would be great for farming(reveren thomas hooker)
  • New Hampshire
  • wampanoug vs the settlers
  • Reverend Thomas was in search of farmland, and religious freedom
  • new Hampshire was just north of Massachusetts Bay the reason for founding was that people wanted religious freedom
  • Metacomet didn’t like that settelers were taking wampanoug land so he started a war to take it back