Superbowl Sciene Story 2020
Updated: 2/3/2020
Superbowl Sciene Story 2020
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  • Man I hate stretching!
  • Well do you want your muscles to snap like a rubberband.
  • I got it! I got!
  • That ball is more attracted to you than girls are.
  • The football player is stretching his muscles which work just like rubberbands. The more times you stretch a rubberband the less stiff it becomes and less likley to snap.
  • It looks like it going to be right down the middle.
  • I don't know the wind is pretty strong.
  • The ball is going against gravity. If there was no gravity the ball would just continue to fly into space. The quarterback needs to take gravity into consideration when throwing the ball.
  • Must've been the wind. Wink, Wink
  • Am I dreaming
  • The stickyness of the gloves creates a lot of static friction between his hands and the ball. This makes it easier for him to catch the ball.
  • Under further review the cougars cheated and are disqualified. The Birds win!
  • This is an example of fluid friction because the wind is causing friction between the air and ball. This than causes the ball to slow down. This is why kicker must hit the ball with a lot of force.
  • The ball got stuck to the goal post.
  • The Cougars placed a powerful magnet inside the ball. This is an example of magnetic force between the goal post and the magnetic placed in the ball. This causes an attraction between the two objects and the ball to get stuck.
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