Unknown Story
Updated: 11/5/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • hello I would like to sign up my daughter for this school
  • I will teach you piano
  • one day they were watching a Shirley Temple movie and the mother said "Ni kan" ni kan means look
  • this sounds awful how does he think this is good
  • The music sounds great I can tell you have been practicing
  • soon after watching the Shirley Temple movie the mom signs her up for a beauty school
  • oh my goodness I keep on hitting the wrong notes
  • after beauty school the mother meets a piano teacher and exchanges house keeping for piano lessons but it turns out the piano teacher is deaf and cant really see either.
  • I’ll take it
  • with the teacher being deaf she starts hitting wrong notes and he does not notice it
  • the mother and the teacher sign her up for a talent show and she messes up and embarrasses herself after that she quit piano
  • when she grew up her mother offered her piano but she didn’t want it at the time but when her mom died she decided to keep it