Crusader StoryBoard
Updated: 3/4/2021
Crusader StoryBoard

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  • The Cause of Crusades
  • The Muslims have taken the Holy Land. Our Christian Brother are being killed by the Muslims. It is our Job to reclaim the Holy land. God Wills it!
  • The First Crusade
  • Jerusalem
  • The Second Crusade
  • Damascus
  • Damascus
  • Seljuks had expanded there territory and came within 100 miles of Constantinople. They had taken Jerusalem in their path. This causes Pope Urban II called for a Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land.
  • The Third Crusade
  • In the June of 1098, about 100,000 Crusaders laid siege to the Syrian city of Antioch. In 1099 the Crusaders surrounded Jerusalem, and reclaimed the city. Most Crusaders went home, but some established four Crusader Kingdoms in Palestine, Syria, and modern day Lebanon and Turkey.
  • The Children's Crusade
  • In 1144, the Muslims captured Edessa the capitol of the northern most Crusader Kingdom. In response the European Christian launch the Second Crusade which ended in failure. The first army from Germany was badly defeated at Anatolia, and the second army lead by the King of France arrived in Jerusalem in 1148. From there the Crusaders marched to the City of Damascus where they were defeated.
  • Reconquista and the Spanish Inquisition
  • We should set up an Inquisition to unite our people under Christianity and get rid off Muslims and Jews.
  • In the 1180's, the Muslims came under the rule of Salah al-Din that formed the largest Muslims empire since the Seljuks. Under his rule the Muslims took control of Palestine and in 1187 his armies captured Jerusalem. This Crusade was led by King Richard I of England. In 1191 Richard's army forced the surrender of the town of Acre in Palestine. Richard then fought towards Jerusalem, but his army wasn't strong enough to take the city, but the Muslim forces had also grown weak. In September 1192, the two leaders of the groups signed a treaty that allowed the Europeans to travel to Jerusalem
  • After these big three Crusades there were more crusades like the Children's Crusade which was in 1212 where thousands of young peasants from France and Germany marched to the Holy land. This crusade wasn't successful, and most people who went on this crusade didn't get to the Holy land, and ended up get sold into slavery or disappeared.
  • Another series of wars was Reconquista which was the effort of Christian Kingdoms to reclaim the Iberian Peninsula. In 1039, Portugal became an Interdependent Christian Kingdom. By 1248 only the kingdom of Granada in southern Spain was still under Muslim control. In the late 1400's, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain wanted to unite Spain as a Catholic Country. The used the Inquisition against the Jews and Muslims in Spain.