Part 2 of "What's right with America"
Updated: 1/27/2020
Part 2 of "What's right with America"
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  • The Gordon's head to Miami
  • Gordon family is astonished
  • Plane takes a different route
  • The Gordon family boards the plane, heading to Miami to get a surgical procedure done on their son Todd, taking one lung from him and then giving it to the President's son. They are petrifyed for Todd.
  • Supreme Court rules President Collin's actions unconstitutional
  • To the Gordon's suprise, their neighbor Anna Olivares is flying the plane. She was a pilot before president Collin's took over, and now, she's fighting back for her liberties!
  • President Collin's goes through the impeachment trial
  • Anna Olivares takes them to Washington DC, where they plan to tell the Supreme Court Justices of all the violations President Collin's has made on their personal libeties.
  • President faces imprisonment and Civil liberties are restored!
  • Gordon family listed the following Amendments that were violated: 1st, couldn't publicly speak, 4th, Anna Olivares's son was taken from her home, 6th, the man was imprisoned for 9 months, 7th, no jury, 8th, when the little boys were sent to fight the rebels, 14th, where they were forced to vote, 15th, black men couldn't vote.
  • The Supreme Court ended up ruling in favor of the Gordon family, and found he had violated multiple Amendments. President Collin's then went through the impeachment trial.
  • President was finally and officially impeached from office and replaced by former Vice President Nancy Pelosi, who restored the Bill of Rights or people's civil liberties.
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