Frankenstein continued
Updated: 4/9/2021
Frankenstein continued

Storyboard Text

  • The monster is telling Victor about his story.Then explains that he killed Victor's brother on accident.
  • We are not allowed to show this be cause of viewer discretion.
  • Victor Frankenstein has ripped apart the female monster. Victor was worried that the male monster would break the promise of kill people.
  • Victor then traveled to the mainland to then learn that the monster had killed Henry. Henry then quickly came home to Elizabeth and her wedding 10 days away...
  • Victor tells Elizabeth to go to sleep and she dies because the monster broke in and killed her.Victor then tries shooting the monster but misses. We are only allow to show the blast that happened.
  • Victor dies from his strength being exhausted and the cold caught up to him. The Monster snuck into the room which VIctor's body lie.
  • We were then told the monster burned himself but we have no evidence so I will not put anything here.