Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Riley Seager
Updated: 7/8/2020
Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Riley Seager
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  • The chief medical officer, who has been unexpectedly hospitalised with an unknown fatal illness, contacts Sherlock as he notices a reoccurring event.
  • Dear Sherlock,I am writing to you from my hospital bed. My health is slowly decreasing and we need your help. Our hospital staff are dropping like flies...
  • Unfortunately, he has just passed.
  • May we see the previous medical files?
  • We are here to see the chief medical officer.
  • Hmmm,Slightly suspicious...
  • Certainly, we may speak in my office. However, I do not have long.
  • Sorry to bother you but could we possibly ask you a few questions?
  • Watson, we must return to the hospital...
  • How strange, any particular details?
  • All the victims were men and they all mentioned, 'not underestimating women', as their last words
  • Sherlock, I have received news that many more of the hospital staff members have died
  • How could we not have known. We must inform the authorities immediately.
  • Sherlock! It was Dr.Allen, the lady we interviewed, this is her secret lab!
  • Dr.Allen disappeared, she left behind no trail. Completely off the grid, until mysterious killings began at hospitals. All over the country, men in high positions in the medical field began to fall ill. Work dynamic was changing, and women were taking over. Sherlock never found Dr.Allen, and Dr.Allen never stopped. She wanted justice and that's what she was going to get...
  • Dear Sherlock,as I'm sure you have heard, there have been more hospital killings. As a male member of staff in a high position, I know I'm in danger, send help.
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