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Carolingian Empire
Updated: 11/21/2019
Carolingian Empire
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  • The Carolingian Empire
  • What impact did Charlemagne have on the Frankish empire?
  • Monks that lived in monasteries copied the Bible and works by classical Latin authors.
  • Charlemagne expanded the Frankish kingdom. At its height, it covered much of western and central Europe.
  • An empire this size shall not be seen in Europe again until Napoleon's time.
  • 300 years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire (in 800), Charlemagne was named the emperor of Rome by the pope.
  • It shall commemorate the union of Germanic, Christian, and Roman elements.
  • This day is an important occasion for our illustrious kingdom.
  • While thy cannot read or write, thy shall renew interest in Latin culture and classical works.
  • Charlemagne had a strong desire to promote learning within his kingdom.
  • This shall be known as the Carolingian Renaissance.
  • About 8000 manuscripts have survived thanks to our efforts.
  • Missi dominici (messengers of the lord king) were sent to local districts and they limited the counts' (German nobles) power.
  • Come quickly! We must inform the king that the counts aren't carrying out his wishes.
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