Updated: 1/13/2020
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  • Oh here you go again on your health rant, I'll decide what I eat and what I don't Jan. I'm perfectly fine.
  • Jim, I got this magazine today and it's all about how important your food choices are, you should give it a read.
  • A decision-what?
  • Just give it a chance! It discusses how using a decision-making process can help you choose what foods are right for you.
  • A decision-making process; it helps you weigh options and outcomes to choose the best option or idea. In this case, it would be about the foods you eat and how they can impact you.
  • Wow! I didn't realize energy was that important!
  • Okay, give me some examples then.
  • Physical needs such as...?
  • Anything that requires energy! Foods provide your energy for everything in day-to-day life including basic tasks such as walking and sitting, or more difficult ones such as playing basketball or soccer.
  • Well, here it states that it is important to choose foods that meet physical needs.
  • That's great, we should try it this week!
  • It's lovely to see that the family was able to bring their culture here to America to share. I'm interested too.
  • Hey Anna, I see you've heard about the new restaurant, have you tried it yet?
  • I agree! I love how multicultural America is, and they even provide nutrition facts at the restaurant to help make sure you are getting what you need!
  • Agreed!
  • I actually have not, but I heard it is authentic Peruvian food! I'm interested.
  • Later that week...
  • Wow! The food here is so good and I am so glad we were able to see the nutrition facts to make sure we got foods that our body needed!
  • I agree! And it was very cool learning more about Peruvian culture through their traditional foods and informative posters.
  • The next day...
  • Hey Jan, how was the new Peruvian restaurant?
  • Oh yeah, that. Well I would like to go there sometime and explore a new culture through food as well.
  • It was very good, and they even provided nutrition facts to help with that decision-making process we discussed.
  • I think that's a great idea, I learned a decent amount about Peruvian culture when I went, and I was able to make sure I chose foods that met my needs.
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