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Updated: 1/2/2020
comic book strip Project
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  • Im about to quit school. Its too much work and math class is confusing
  • How was school
  • Dont stress about it , ill go over it with you. when i went to school i was good in math.
  • right now we are learning about piece wise functions and its very confusing
  • okay i know how to do that
  • Timmy comes home from school and is sad because he has a lot of math Homework and he dosent Understands it and feels like he is going to fail his math test
  • F(X)={2x-5, x > 4 {½ x+1, x< 4F(4)=______i have to solve this
  • ill do an example and go step by step
  • His mother is good in math so she says she would sit down with him and go over it with him
  • -Y=F(x)= X --\ Straight line,linear-Y=F(x)= X^2--U Quadratic
  • Y=F(x)= X^3--S CubicY=F(x)=√X -- Looks like a dab, Square rootY=F(x)= IxI-- V Absolute Value
  • T-CHART435567
  • F(X)={2x-5, x > 4) {½ x+1, x< 4)F(4)=______a=3
  • Timmy shows his math Problems to his Mother
  • when making a t-chart always start off with the number at the end of the equation,
  • T-CHART435567
  • F(X)={2x-5, x > 4) {½ x+1, x< 4)F(4)=______a=3
  • Timmy mother explaines to him what PIECEWISE FUNCTIONS ARE
  • She pulls out her chalk board and goes by step how to define graphs and how to solve a problem
  • On the board i showed what type of equation or graphs you would have if they start with one of these
  • F(X)={2x+3, x >4) {-2x+3, x< 4)F(5)=______a=13
  • When solving make sure you make a T chart ,That will help you out a lot
  • the number at the end of my equation is 4 and the greater sign is pointed at it so i choose numbers higher than 4
  • 513615717
  • F(X)={2x+3, x >4) {-2x+3, x< 4)F(5)=______a=13Linear line
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