Unknown Story
Updated: 8/24/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • Turn point / conflit
  • Rising Action
  • Whitney and Rainsford were talking on the yacht. Whitney went to bed and a few minutes later Rainsford herd gun shot.Rainnford walked to the end of the boat to get a better hear.
  • Climax
  • Rainford dropped his pipe and tried reaching for it but when he did he realized he was falling over. He fell in the water and kept swimming toward the boat but when he realized that there was no way to get back on the boat he swam for the island. once he got to the island he fell asleep on the sand and stayed there till later after noon the next day.
  • Falling action
  • Rainford found a tall building that he thought was a mirage at first but when he knocked a guy came to the door. The guys name was Ivan he was deaf and dumb unlike General Zaroff. Rainford was welcomed in with food, clothes, and a bed to rest in.
  • Resolution
  • Rainford trusted them and asked why they were on the island and General Zaroff said to hunt a new animal. The new animals were people. The General wanted to take Rainford hunting the very next day but Rainford didn't want too.
  • Rainford is being forced to fight. The General told Rainford will be given hunting clothes, supply of food, and an excellent hunting knife. Rainford was told he had to live for 3 days without being killed if he doesn't make it General Zaroff will kill him.
  • Rainford made trails and traps for hours to trick Zaroff but it they didn't work. The first trick hit Zaroff's arm but he wasn't done the second one killed the dog and the next killed Ivan and the last killed the pack of dogs. Then Rainford jumped into the water and swama round the island went into the "house" and hint in Zaroff's room. When Zaroff walked in his room to get some rest Rainford came out and said "get ready for in General Zaroff."
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