Breath. Eyes memory comic strip
Updated: 1/30/2021
Breath. Eyes memory comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • 1
  • Atie refused the mother's day card Sofie gave to her because she was not her mother.
  • I am not your mother! that belongs to your mother Martine
  • 2
  • Martine is your mother you will go with her
  • I brought you this mother's day card!
  • You are my mother to me!
  • Mother's day card
  • Sofie met Martine and she aw her different from the picture. She felt indifferent.
  • 3
  • welcome to New York Sofie
  • She is so skinny and looks tired
  • Hello
  • 4
  • Until I was raped and became pregnant of you
  • My mother used to taste me
  • Martine confessed to Sofie that she was rapped and that she was that product. Sofie was disappointed.
  • She tells me that so calm now I know why I am not like them
  • 6 YEARS LATER...Sofie met Joseph. They both fell in love with each other.
  • 5
  • Hello Sofie
  • Hello
  • Martine tested Sofie to see if she was virgin. Sofie felt miserable after the testing.
  • 6
  • I need to do something
  • this is so humiliating!
  • I need to test you like my mother used to test me