Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman
Updated: 3/13/2020
Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman

Storyboard Text

  • Jamie, thanks for not getting mad at me yesterday for driving your car into the lake on accident.
  • It's no problem, I mean it could have happened to anyone.
  • It's no problem. Some of my friends have done much worse.
  • I did it for the same reason I forgave Max, because they are my friends. But, I forgave Autumn because I know that by forgiving her it will make her work harder to make me trust her more.
  • I'm really sorry for posting your picture without asking yesterday.
  • Jamie, how come you forgave Autumn for crashing your car the other day.
  • It was no problem at all. Mostly, the reason I forgave you so easily is because of how kind and generous you were after the accident, which led me to see what a good friend you are.
  • Jamie I just wanted to stop by and say thank you again for forgiving me.
  • The End.