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Star Lifecycle
Updated: 10/15/2020
Star Lifecycle
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  • A warm temperature !
  • The beginning of a Life Cycle of a star starts as gas and dust. Once it reaches a certain temperature nuclear fusion starts.
  • This is called Main sequence star the sun is one !
  • In this point of the stars life cycle the pressure caused by nuclear fusion is balanced by the force of gravity. The energy is emitted as radiation.
  • Red Giants are supper big
  • When the star uses up all it's hydrogen the star gets bigger and cools down making it turn into a Red Giant Star.
  • In this point of the stars life it turns into a planetary nebula this happens when the outer layers of a star are lost when transitioning from a Red Giant to a White Dwarf.
  • Yes ! It's such beautiful colors !
  • At this point the star is a White Dwarf and that is what the core fo the star that remains after the outer layers are gone.
  • This star is the smallest !
  • After a long period of time the White Dwarf cools down making it not shine light anymore turning it into a Black Dwarf
  • And that's the end of the cycle.
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