french revolution
Updated: 12/18/2019
french revolution
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  • Meeting Of The Estates General
  • We pay the most amount of taxes and have the least, thats not fair
  • You make up the majority of the population
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • We can never out vote them
  • We must have equality for every male is born with natural rights
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • We demand you give us weapons so we can defend ourselves from royal troops occupying the capital
  • You cannot have any weapons or gunpowder we will not open the gates
  • As the three estates meet in the palace to discuss the finical crisis at hand they decide to have a vote by order which out votes the Third Estate leading to no change in equality and equal taxes keeping Absolute Monarch as their government. Took no step forward to democracy, feudalism still lead to the Third Estate getting unfair treatment
  • The March on Versailles
  • I will move but i'm not happy about it
  • As the third estate is outvoted yet again they lock themselves in the kings tennis court, making a pledge to abolish the feudalism and replace it with a National assembly. To ensure that the third estate wouldn't get unfair treatment anymore they write the constitution of 1791 making a step towards democracy by ending feudalism and making everyone equal.
  • The Reign Of Terror
  • You supported the kill and did a deed against the people
  • Death to the traitors
  • On July 14 1789 more than 800 Parisian assembled outside the Bastille prison demanded weapons and gunpowder. This was a wake up call to Louis XVI because unlike any other protest it posed a challenge to the sheer existence of his regime. The storming of the Bastille is considered the french independence day and was a step towards democracy and revolution.
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • I'll do that
  • On October 5, 6,000 women marched 13 miles toVersailles demanding to see the King. Much of the anger was because of the lack of bread and Queen living such a extravagant life while others were starving. The people made the King/Queen promise that they would move to Paris. This was a step towards democracy because it took away some of the kings power.
  • You need to move closer to Paris so we wont have to travel so far to see our king
  • A shrewd lawyer and politician by the name of Robespierre quickly rose to leadership and was very popular among those who hated the monarchs also. Robespierre used the Guillotine to help start a Republic and beheaded those who were said to be in favor of a king. This was a very bloody step to democracy leading to a republic and people in power.
  • I hereby crown Napoleon Bona-
  • As chaos threatened, politicians turned to Napoleon, a popular military success, Napoleon was so power hungry that he invited the pope to crown him and took the crown from here and crowned himself. Though Napoleon was an emperor he spread reforms and dislodged social order and gave liberty and equality to all males.
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