Fall of Soviet Union
Updated: 6/7/2020
Fall of Soviet Union
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  • - His goal was to save the U.S.S.R economy and to streamline the cumbersome gov't bureaucracy. But his reforms failed and established glasnost and perestroika - People began to criticize the gov't, protest and demanded for more freedom - Eventually, the Berlin Wall fell and the gov't couldn't maintain this power.
  • Political Factors
  • I, Mikhail Gorbachev, introduce glasnost & perestroika 
  • We don't like these polices 
  • -There was shortages of consumer goods- Perestroika only made it worse. Wage hikes were supporting by printing money which lead to the price of oil to drop and leading to Iraq's invasion
  • Economic Factors
  • We want food!
  • The military budget was increasing since the early 1970s. Military spending was consistently of economic trends. Military remained well-funded and took priority when it came to development talent
  • Military Factors
  • War In Afghanistan
  • At the Chernobyl power station, there was an explosion and the radioactive as the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. - The Communist Party acted quickly to suppress the information such as continuing the May Day parade even there was a risk of radiation.- The propaganda was increasing.
  • Nuclear Factor
  • It was a "misfortune"
  • Social Factor
  • We are here to try the new McDonald's!
  • About 15,000 Soviet troops were killed along with the 4 million Afghans civilians that were killed.- The army was found frustrated by the mujahideen armed which made them leave Afghanistan and glasnost opened the door of "vocalization of widespread war-weariness" - Many soldiers felt that they connected to ethnic and religious to Afghans and protests began to spread.
  • -McDonald's had opened it's first restaurant in 1990s - Glasnost had ushered new concepts, ideas, and new experiences and the soviet citizens were ready to explore them.-The Soviet public was not happy with the widespread corruption endemic to the Soviet state. The tension between the empowered citizenry & Soviet State with ruined credibility.
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