English formative storyboard

Updated: 10/2/2021
English formative storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Ok I will be right out.
  • Wake up you have to quit sleeping!!
  • I am really tired but excited to hunt.
  • Although it is early in the morning, it is still the best time to hunt some animals.
  • Oh No! The hunters are coming our way. They have already killed half of life here...
  • IF humans care about each other, then we should fight to save our species.
  • We have to stand up and fight those foolish hunters together.
  • All these years you were hunting us and killing our species but you never realized that we protected the forests you depend upon.
  • They can't fight hunters and will never be useful to anyone. Attack Them!!!
  • Mr jonesy the animals are angry and are not hiding from us this time.
  • Don't kill me. I have realized that animals also have a reason to survive and we should not kill them for fun.
  • It is time to end the bloodshed that had crept here for ages.
  • Me and my friends will forgive you because you have realized your mistake.
  • From now onwards we will not hunt any animals and will raise awareness to end poaching.