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The Black Cat
Updated: 12/5/2018
The  Black Cat
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  • The narrator was a good man and had a great life. He had a dog, some fish, and birds; but his favorite animal was his cat, Pluto. Pluto was completely black and loved the narrator a lot.
  • Then one day, the man came home drunk. He continued this pattern and soon became very angry. He took this anger out on his wife and pets, especially Pluto. One night he was so angry, he took a knife and cut out the cat's eye.
  • The cat would avoid him anytime the narrator would come home, which made him mad; so mad that he hung the cat on his tree. Soon after that, his house caught on fire.
  • After recovering from the fire, the narrator went to the bar and saw a cat that looked exactly like Pluto, except, he had a little white mark that looked like a noose.
  • The cat followed him home, and loved the narrator. He, on the other hand, hated the cat. He would rebuke the cat and do anything to keep the cat away. One day, the man decided to kill the cat.
  • He took out his ax and raised it, as he was about to chop off the head, his wife stepped in and tried to stop her husband. He was furious and put the ax through her head. To hide the evidence, he put her in the walls. A few days later, the police showed up and the narrator showed them through the house, the police were about to leave when they heard a "meow." They took out the bricks and saw the body of his wife with the cat on top.
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