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Updated: 3/21/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello! I am Aila, a plant that uses photosynthesis. I absorb water and I am constantly using the reactants which are carbon dioxide, water, and light energy, and I am producing oxygen and sugar. I use a formula known as 6CO2+6H2o --- 6o2+C6 H12 O6 (Glucose). Photosynthesis gives me oxygen and food. I also contain pigments that capture light. One pigment is my friend chlorophyll. Chlorophyll! Come out, come out wherever you are!
  • science is cool
  • Hey everybody, I am the boss. The chlorophyll that absorbs red and blue light. However, I do not absorb green light. I don't like green very much, so I reflect green light, which gives my friend Gary the color green. I live in my friend chloroplast of plant cells.
  • Yo, it is the chloroplast, I guess you could consider me moody because I react to two main things. I react to the light-dependent which happens within me in my thylakoids. The light is converted and involves photosystems that go into chemical energy which is ATP and NADPH. In photosystem 2, there is the absorption of sunlight as the energy that split the water. The water is split and oxygen is diffused out of the cell. In photosystem 1, it turns electrons into NADPH. The second reaction I have is to the light-independent or Calvin cycle. The Calvin cycle is the cycle of chemical reactions that Hydrogen-rich NADPH and energy-rich ATP from the light reactions help change carbon dioxide into sugars.
  • Hey everybody! I am Mila, also a plant like Aila. How does photosynthesis work? Well, it consists of many steps. Starting with photosystem II, which absorbs light, the electrons get energy and split water into hydrogen, electrons, and oxygen. After photosystem II, the energized electrons move through the electron transport chain. (a series of proteins and electron transports). Energy from the electrons helps the proton pump move hydrogen ions across the membrane. After the energy from the light in the photosystem, I fuel the synthesis of NADPH. Finally, the hydrogen ions join together and go through the ATP synthase, generating ATP.
  • If the pathway was disrupted, then the transportation of photosynthesis wouldn't be able to happen. All of the steps of photosynthesis would be affected, which would result in my death. If I were to die, I wouldn't be able to help humans get the food and oxygen they need. This process is so important to living things because, without photosynthesis, animals wouldn't have glucose and oxygen, which is necessary for life.
  • 6H2O+6CO2-----> C6H12O6+6O2
  • Photo: light reactions (Takes place in thylakoid membrane)Synthesis: Calvin cycle (Takes place in stroma)
  • Reactants: Water, light and carbon dioxideProducts: oxygen and glucose