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The tale of Romeo and Juliet Part II
Updated: 5/4/2020
The tale of Romeo and Juliet Part II
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  • Romeo quickly ran to Friar Lawrence and together they set up the wedding and Romeo and Juliet were married in secret.
  • That same day Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, ran into Mercutio who is a friend of Romeo. He asked him kindly where he could find Romeo but Mercutio decided to make fun of him instead of giving him an answer.
  • Romeo walked over to them and Tybalt tried to get him to fight but Romeo declined. Instead Mercutio got up and started fighting Tybalt. Romeo tried to stop it but Tybalt hit Mercutio a little bit to hard and Mercutio fell asleep.
  • Romeo angry with Tybalt hit him and Tybalt too fell asleep. After that Romeo ran and hid because he was afraid to be punished by the Prince.
  • The Prince decided to banish Romeo from Verona and Juliet is sad because of this.
  • Before Romeo left he went to visit Juliet so they could hug one last time and soon after that he left Verona but the Friar had a plan to reunite the two star crossed lovers.
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