Lumber by wyatt becker
Updated: 4/24/2020
Lumber by wyatt becker

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  • Hello, my name is Frederick Weyerhaeuser and I came to Minnesota start a new life but at 18 I started a business the lumber industry to be precise which became one of Minnesota's biggest industries.
  • When I first started my business I worked mostly in central and northern Minnesota. Before I started cutting down trees this is what the land looked like, green lushes forest and lots of wildlife like deer,bear,and beaver.
  • Before I started my business I had to get a sawmill. So I invested in a failing sawmill. but I realized I need to have a good supply of logs. so as part of the first step of becoming an industry I bought some land full of trees and started the beginning of my business.
  • After my first sawmill I expanded and bought more land and more trees and even more sawmills and by that time the lumber industry was very popular. So I expanded using trains to transport lumber from other states.
  • Though the river made it easy to transport logs the more trees we cut down the farther away we had to travel to get to the river. So though there were many inventions that made cutting trees easier there was nothing as useful as the train to transport logs to the river so we didn't have to use horses to get the logs to the river.
  • So in conclusion my industry makes lumber this is used for many things like making houses or furniture. Wood can also be used for many other things from silverware to cars. And the people also use wood to build things that they want.
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