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Horror Story
Updated: 9/13/2020
Horror Story
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  • Scene 1, frame 1:Establishing shot of the hospital. Pathetic fallacy foreshadows the dull mood of the story. Non-diegetic music plays the sounds of a violin or piano to show a creepy atmosphere.
  • Scene 1, frame 2:Non-diegetic music continues but stops abruptly when the sound of a door slamming open sounds with no one to open it. Muted colours are used to add to the already startling atmosphere.
  • Scene 1, frame 3:Diegetic sound of footsteps with no one(that can be seen) causing them. Sounds and visuals of flickering lights. High angle shot shows the entire room with the knife catching the eye of the viewer as it is brighter in comparison.
  • Scene 1, frame 4:Diegetic sound of someone screaming(short and high pitched) and then a loud bang(something heavy hitting the floor). Shows image/video of the blood, doesn't show whos blood it is. All of these utilise the fear of the unknown by only giving the audience little information.
  • Scene 1, frame 5:Wide angle shot of multiple different groups of people running away from the hospital (doctors, nurses, patients, visitors, etc.). Diegetic sounds of people running around and yelling(calling names, etc.)
  • Scene 1, frame 6:Running and yelling sounds continue. Close up of a bloody knife, the audience can assume it is related to the screams. Zooms from close to the knife to further away from it.
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