Horror Story pt 2

Updated: 9/13/2020
Horror Story pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • Take care of Ophelia for me, I love you
  • The Nature Cafe
  • MISSING!If you see them call 000
  • Scene 1, frame 7:Presumably a mother and father with their baby. The audience can hear muffled sounds but get the idea that the 'dad' is not going with the mother and baby. Dull colours show the sadness and the clothes worn show that they are two doctors/nurses with a baby.
  • Scene 1, frame 8:Diegetic sounds of the conversation continue as a close up shot of the baby's face appears. A necklace is around the neck of the baby. The only words that the audience are able to hear clearly are "Take care of Ophelia for me, I love you"
  • Scene 1, frame 9:The conversation has stopped. The setting is different as it is daytime and outside a cafe. Shows a missing poster of someone the audience can recognize as the 'dad' from before. The colours on the poster are very plain and muted, however, the colours surrounding the poster are relatively lighter.
  • Scene 2, frame 1:The audience can recognize that this is potentially the baby seen before as the same necklace is worn and the same hair and eye colours are evident. This character is around the age of adolescence showing that quite some time has passed.
  • Scene 2, frame 2:Point of view shot of the main character/character seen before. The setting and surroundings show the hospital, the audience can assume it is the same one from before except rundown and abandoned. Diegetic sound of her walking around.
  • Scene 2, frame 3:Continued point of view shot. A loud bang occurs and immediately the main characters 'eyes' are drawn towards the blood stain on the wall(same one from the start of the movie that caused the hospital to be abandoned). Nothing that the audience can see that caused the bang.