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Updated: 8/27/2020
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  • I just don't know how to handle Justin anymore. I think it's time to email his parents again, and set up a meeting.
  • I should make sure I prepare some data and talk with his other teachers, too.
  • A week later...
  • I'd better send his mom another e-mail. Maybe it's also time to set up a conference...
  • Justin got angry in class again today AND failed the vocabulary test...
  • Hello, Mrs. Kim. I'd like to introduce you to our school's Vice Principal. She will join our meeting today. As you know, I asked to meet with you to discuss some details about your son, Justin. I'd like to review some of his work, share some observations and plans, and also hear your thoughts and insights about how Justin is doing in his English classes.
  • Yes, my Justin is a very smart boy. Did you know he's top of his class in Math and Science?
  • Oh, yes Mrs. Kim. Have a seat, let's talk more about it.
  • Mrs. Kim, we know from talking with you that Justin is doing very well in Math and Science at his elementary school. You must be so proud of him! We know he is a bright boy, which is why you requested for him to move to the accelerated class.
  • However, as you can see from these graphs, Justin's scores have been declining since changing his level. Though he understands the class schedule, he is often not prepared for tests and projects. He cries or gets angry when it's time to start these tasks. I've given him extra time to complete his work, but I am not seeing any progress.
  • Well, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have noticed that Justin finds it hard to focus on his English homework. He gets frustrated with me too, and sometimes procrastinates. I have to argue with him or bribe him to get it done. What else can I do? My husband and I both work and he has 2 other siblings, so there’s lots going on in our family.
  • I am concerned that the accelerated class might be overwhelming Justin. I do have some suggestions for next steps but I'd like to hear your thoughts and insights with what I've shared so far.
  • Thank you for sharing that. It is always helpful to know what's going on outside of the classroom so that we can work together to support Justin and ensure his success.
  • That seems like a drastic step. Doesn't this academy have support and resources for students? He may just need more attention in class! Isn't there a teacher that can help get him up to speed? He can't be the only student like this!
  • I see, Mrs. Park. It seems like you're committed to keeping him in the accelerated class, so let's discuss what that may look like moving forward.
  • Another thing, Mrs. Kim, is that Justin has told me he feels like he doesn't have any friends in class. Perhaps being with more students of the same age would help him socially, as well as academically. One option to consider and discuss with Justin is allowing him to return to his previous class, with his peers.
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