Updated: 9/14/2021

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  • Health Problems
  • By Molly Fidler
  • Push ups!!!!Not again
  • Can't we practice shooting
  • I'm george, but you can call me coach. I training these boys for the basketball championship.TEN PUSH UPS BOYS
  • Good I started this new health program that all teachers have to inforce.
  • Hi George
  • So this thing says we have to teach healthy eating in each class by interpreting healthy eating in questions or you have to spend 10 minutes on healthy eating
  • Here you go
  • Hows work going Jenny?
  • Hi coach
  • Yah
  • But the team Has worked so hard!!!
  • Dates
  • Part of that is getting kids active.
  • You know the new health act
  • You must have 8 members on your team in 2 weeks or you will be fired and I'll cancel the team
  • If I were you I would try to make it fun and I'd do it fast
  • I'll make an in school tardament that anyone can come by and have fun. Then I'll invite the kids to join the team. And since I'm bolstering their confidence it can count for the health act.
  • Of course
  • What to do What to do
  • Welcome to the health games. Who's ready to play some basket ball
  • Why is it called the health games?
  • Yah coach
  • What team
  • PanthersPanthers
  • Championship
  • What team?
  • Panthers