Onesimo Mazantsana Shop steward storyboard 2

Updated: 9/28/2021
Onesimo Mazantsana Shop steward storyboard 2

Storyboard Text

  • Morning workers I managed to speak with the manager, he said we should give him a week to let the board know then he will get back to us.
  • No man he is always saying that.
  • I hear you guys can we just wait for a week.
  • What if he postpones again?
  • As he normally does!!!
  • That means we go for tools down but please guys lets just wait.
  • Lets do the tools down now so that they see how serious we are
  • The shop steward Comes back with what has been discussed with the manager and the workers wants to hear nothing like excuses
  • That's not how we do things guys please ,I'm still explaining ......
  • The workers refuse to listen because they have been given excuses for long enough.
  • I really need an increase.
  • If we dont get this increase we are not working guys.
  • Obvious they dont respect us here.
  • The workers Want to start with the tools down immediately .
  • Ohw k guys i hear you but please continue working on go slow .
  • What do we while we are waiting for them ? because working is not an option.
  • Wont we be in trouble for this?
  • The workers leaves while the shop steward is still explaining.
  • Workers are talking amongst themselves about a way forward .
  • Guys the management will come up with another excuse.
  • workers refuse to work up until they are answered.