Unknown Story

Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Man!, Due to the lockdown my weight has increased to 84 N. I am worried that with this rate I am going to become a sumo wrestler.
  • Are you too feeling very light?
  • Yeah!
  • On the Launch station, two astronauts are discussing their worries regarding their increase weight.
  • Omg! My weight has reduced 70 N and now I only weigh 14 N
  • Yeah! I think I have heard about this phenomenon
  • The rocket has launched and would reach moon within 4 days.
  • This happens because Earth's gravitational force is 6 times stronger than the gravitational force of the moon i.e. 9.8 m/s2 and 1.6 m/s2.
  • The astronauts feel very light as if their weight has been reduced to quite a large amount.
  • And as the mass remains the same but gravitational force changes therefore, the weight changes.
  • The astronauts find an interesting fact that their weight has become 1/6th of their weight on Earth.
  • And, thus, they start discussing the matter.
  • They conclude that it is not their mass that changes but due to change in the gravitational force their weight changes from place to place