The outsiders
Updated: 2/4/2020
The outsiders
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  • Yup she sure is!
  • Yay!
  • Cherry is spy for us!
  • I have decided that I should just turn me in
  • WHAT!
  • We will save them!
  • HELP!
  • Oh no!
  • The children!
  • Dally has found Johnny and Ponyboy. Dally gives Johnny and Ponyboy that Cherry Valance is a spy for us.
  • AHHH!
  • Shut up!! You are going to be OK
  • ouch!
  • Johnny has decided that he should just turn himself. Dally and Ponyboy are shocked that he said that and will not let Johnny do that.
  • W-where is Johnny and Dallas
  • There ok kid. There in the ambulances behind us.
  • Hey Ponyboy!
  • Later on, Dally decided to take Ponyboy and Johnny yo DQ for some food. When they drove past the church it was on fire and children were screaming for help. One on the man standing there said it was his children. Johnny and Ponyboy decided to save them.
  • I'm sorry Ponyboy. Will you forgive me.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny saved all the children but suddenly a Johnny got severely burned by something on fire.
  • Ponyboy get unconscious a blacks out. He wakes up and immediately ask were Johnny and Dally were. The doctor said their ok and they are the ambulance behind us.
  • Soda and Darry come and find Ponyboy in the hospital. Ponyboy is splendid that they came back.
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