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Updated: 1/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Theme
  • "Everyone Else Is Taken So Be You!"
  • Exosition
  • Rising Action
  • Do as I say!
  • Stop you theft!
  • This is theme I chose because it fits well with the story about them wanting to be someone else. So don't try to be someone your not but BE YOU.
  • Climax
  • This is Prince Edward and Tom Canty. They look alot alike but have totally different lives. They decide to switch places. They are both Protagonists and Jhon Canty (Tom Canty's Dad) is an Antagonist.
  • Falling Action
  • Get Outta Here!
  • Do not speak to him like that for without him I might not be here right now
  • Once Edward got to Offal court he did not like it. so, he ran to try to go back to the castle. There he meet a man named Miles who brought him to his home. At night, Jhon Canty came to take his son back. So, he and his friend Hugh, took him. Later on Hugh made Tom steal. And was taken to court.
  • Resolution
  • I heard you ruled great while I had seen how cruel Offal court is. So from now on I shall rule with mercy.
  • The Prince came and said that he was King and Tom said that he was speaking truth. So the Prince was asked where the Great Seal of England was. The Price couldn't remember where it was, so Tom helped him and the Prince said it was located in the armour that hangs on the wall of his chamber.
  • Prince: No! Wait, I am the Prince supposed to be crowned King.Tom Canty: It is true!
  • The Price had got crowned as King and got his scepter. Then, the Guard triedto tell Tom Canty to leave, but the Prince said that without Tom Canty he might not had been crowned the King. Then, the Guard stated telling Miles, "how dare he sit in presence of the King." The Prince (King now) talked about how Miles had saved him. Then Miles bowed down to him.
  • The Prince talked to Tom Canty about him doing a great job as a ruler and how he (The Prince) had expericend how creul Offal Court and other lives can be. So, The Prince promised to rule with mercy.
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