macbeth copy
Updated: 3/11/2020
macbeth copy

Storyboard Text

  • ACT 2 , SCENE 2
  • the same alcohol i gave to the guards has fired me up, but they have so many drugs in their drinks that they cant even tell if theyre dead or alive
  • my husband
  • ACT 2 , SCENE 2
  • i have done the deed
  • ACT 2 , SCENE 2
  • this is a sorry sight
  • dont think about is so much, we cant think about what we did, it would drive us insane
  • lady macbeth is waiting outside the kings room for macbeth to murder duncan
  • ACT 2 , SCENE 2
  • i hear someone knocking at the south entry. lets go back to our bedroom
  • put your night gown on just in case someone comes and sees that we're awake
  • macbeth informs his wife that he has done the deed
  • ACT 2 , SCENE 2
  • rather than have to think about my crime, id perfer to be completely unconsious
  • macbeth starts to feel quilty and disgusted from seeinh his hands covered in duncans blood
  • macbeth and his wife start to hear knocking at the door
  • they both plan to act as if they were asleep when the muderer took place and that they are clueless about duncans death
  • THE END :)