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Fizzypop Storyboard
Updated: 10/14/2020
Fizzypop Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Trick or Treat!
  • Your costumes are wonderful, have some candy!
  • Is that... Fizzypop Haloween Candy?
  • Fizzypop Haloween Candy!
  • 2 boys are tick-o-treating on Halloween. They knock on a mans house who then compliment their outfits. This is a medium length scene and lasts about 5 seconds. When they are knocking on the door, it will be a far away shot but then that will turn into a closeup shot when the man opens the door.
  • Is that Fizzypop Halloween Candy?
  • The man hands them a bar of Fizzypop Halloween Candy, and the 2 boys react in shock to this. This is a short scene and is close up to highlight the boys excitement.
  • Best Halloween Ever!
  • Graphic of boys eating the candy/ect. Exciting sound effects in background and sound of them eating it .
  • Fizzpypop Halloween Candy?! Give me some!
  • While walking along the sidewalk with the candy, 2 girls notice the candy and react in shock with it. This is a far away shot and lasts about a few seconds.
  • One of the boys are now at his house, who looks at the Fizzypop Candy in amazement. He then walks to the door and walks into the house. This shot starts closeup when he's looking at the candy then turns further awya as he walks into the house.
  • The boy is inside his house with his sister, holding the candy. His sister is shocked by the Candy and demands for some., she then runs over to get the candy and the scene ends before she gets it. This scene is not close up, but not too far away either. It gets closer to the sister as she demands for some of the candy. This scene lasts about 5 seconds.
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