Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Wow! This is a mess. I have to figure out a plan to rebuild our union.
  • Since I want the South to join the union again, I'll make deal with them. If ten percent of their voters swear on an oath I made, that can rejoin!
  • Lincoln's plan makes no sense. My plan will be better. I will help whites in the south but I won't let blacks have any rights to have representation since they are uneducated.
  • Well, first things first, let's make slaves free. I'll call it the freedmen's bureau. I also have to make sure that blacks have the same freedoms as whites. I'll make the 13th amendment to ensure freedom, 14th amendment to make sure that all human beings with be treated fairly and they will all have the same rights, and the 15th amendment to allow blacks to vote like any other white person.
  • No! I didn't get my plan passed because Lincoln"s was better!
  • Another victory! The slaves are free and equal to whites!